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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are considered the root of primary and acquired therapy resistances associated with disease progression and poor clinical outcomes in cancer patients. Therefore, an elucidation of the key molecular mechanisms regulating CSC activities could help with the development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to predict or combat the most aggressive malignant tumors in patients.


The following aspects of the subject area will be highlighted in this Special Issue:

- signalling pathways;

- CSCs in treatment failure;

- CSC metabolism;

- circadian rhythms in CSCs;

- CSCs and microenvironmental factors;

- biological, biochemical, and pathological methods allowing CSC identification within malignant tumors;

- pediatric tumors and CSCs;

- epigenetic factors in CSC formation;

- glioblastoma stem cells;

- chemical agents against CSCs; t

- ranslational oncology


Ira Skvortsova

Guest Editor

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