Presentations at the conference

Cristina Maccalli (Qatar) "The genomic profile of CSCs/CICs can modulate the susceptibility of tumors to immune responses"

Tanja Jesenko (Slovenia) "Upregulation of DNA sensing pathways can mediate the off-target effects of radiotherapy"

Yinfei Yin (CrownBio, UK) Shifting the paradigm of cancer therapy: how can optical imaging help?

Bruni Sainz Jr (Spain) "Exploiting oxidative phoshorylation to promote the stem and immunoevasive properties of pancreatic cancer stem cells"

Giulia Ambrosini (Italy) "Progressively de-differntiated cancer cells shift from glycolysis to oxidative metabolism and gain a quiescent stem state"

Patricia Sancho (Spain) Glutathione metabolism is essential for sel-renewal and chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer stem cells"

Emil Kryukov (Russian Federation) Cancer stem cells metabolism studies in HCT116 chemoresistant lines

Daniel Gebhard (Agilent Technologies, Germany)

CSCs: determining cell fate by OXPHOS and glycolysis measurements?

Publisher session

Vanessa Castelli (Italy) PPARa selective antagonist GW6471 inhibits cell growth in brest cancer stem cells inducing energy imbalance and metabolic stress

Ren Xu (USA Targeting the P4HA1/HIF-1 axis in CSC to sensitize TNBC to chemotherapy

Li-Na Zhang (China) Cell fusion between mesenchymal stem cells and lung cancer cells contributes to the formation of lung cancer stem cells

Kanishka Tiwary (Germany) MEK inhibition targets cancer stem cells and abrogates migration of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Evelyn Aranda (Xylyx Bio, USA) TissueSpec extracellular matrix substrates as a tool to investigate cancer in vitro

Caterina AM La Porta (Italy) Melanoma plasticity and miRNAs

Ilaria Guerriero (Italy) A novel miRNA network revealed a piece of a complicated puzzle fueling NSCLC progression

Elroy Patrick Weledji (Cameroon) Disturbances of hepatic epigenome in familial hpatocellular carcinoma: the role of the monozygotic twin

Taruna Rajagopal (India) Effect of zink finger protein 350 (ZNF350) gene rs2278420 polymorphism on breast cancer susceptibility in Indian women

Marina Puchinskaya (Belarus) Cancer stem cell markers in prostate cancer

Mithilesh Mishra (India) Expression of CD44 in oral sqamous cell cercinoma and metastatic lymph nodes. An immunohistochemical study

Viktorija Juric (Ireland) Targeting glioma stem cells in recurrent GBM using selelctive CDK inhibitors, CYC065 and THZ1

Marta Maleszewska (Poland) DNA methylation and gene expression analysis reveal DMRTA2 as a new important factor in high grade glioblastoma and glioblastoma derived spheres

Mohit Kumar Jolly (India) Stemness in the hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal phenotype: a hallmark of high metastatic potential

Marina Puchinskaya (Belarus) Cancer stem cells and epithelial/mesenchymal transition: same, similar or different?

Jean Viallet (Inovotion, France) The Chicken Embryo, a unique in vivo model for target and drug candidate evaluation on cancer stem cells

Abiola Abdulrahman Ayanlaja (China) Neuronal MAP Doublecortin upregulation promotes glutamine metabolism and regulates homeostasis via the PI3/mTOR signaling in favor of drug resistance in glioblastoma cells

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