It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the international conference on cancer stem cell research at the Krumers Alpin Resort & Spa in Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria http://krumers-resort.com/en/

Next Conference "Cancer Stem Cells: Impact on Treatment" will be organized in December 2018

Second Conference Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs): Impact on Treatment - 2018 will be devoted to the problem of primary and acquired therapy resistance associated with disease progression and poor clinical outcome in cancer patients. It is planned that pre-clinical and clinical sessions will be included into the program of the conference. The leading basic researchers and clinicians will be invited to provide educational lectures and to serve as chairs of the Symposium Sessions.

This Conference will highlight 

  • signaling pathways contributing to the treatment resistance and disease progression;
  • role of CSCs in the treatment failure;
  • molecular mechanisms associated with CSC aggressiveness and increased metastatic potential;
  • CSC metabolism;
  • circadian rhythms in CSCs and metronomic chemotherapy;
  • crosstalk between CSCs and microenvironmental factors (tumor stroma, immune system);
  • biological, biochemical, pathological methods allowing CSC identification within the malignant tumors;
  • development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to predict and overcome therapy resistance associated with CSC activities;
  • novel therapeutic approaches to combat locally advanced, metastatic or relapsed malignant diseases;
  • chemical agents against CSCs;
  • translational oncology: how to make bridge between basic researchers and clinicians;
  • clinical trials based on pre-clinical findings

The Scientific Committee will review all submitted abstracts. Oral and poster presentations will be scheduled in the scientific program. An abstract book will be printed as either a book containg the conference materials or as a special issue of the scientific journal (is not selected yet) related to the conference.

Additionally, authors submitted the best abstracts will be invited to publish their review articles in the Special issue of the Seminars of Cancer Biology devoted to CSC research. All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed by two or three experts in the field, and based upon the consensus of these reviewers and the guest editor, a decision will be made.


Our Conference is an ESO recommended event, it was granted 24 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)